Clipping Path

Clipping path is an outline shaped which is making by the pen tool. When we produce your images, we always use an image editing software’s updated version like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. It is also known as closed vector path or shape. The main use of clipping path service is to cut out an image or shape from their background but it also be used in some different ways such as giving a special shape to an object.  It is most important to edit a particular portion within an image or preparing layout design. Clipping path is the best option for the kind of image that has a sharp and defined edge. When clipping path is applied to an image everything inside then path is included in the final cut and everything outside the path is unnecessary.  So there are two paths is available, one is middle of the images another one is outside of the images which is also known as unnecessary path or which you do not want in your images.  

What is clipping path service?

Now days, the demand for clipping path service is really high in the photo industries over the world.  Our honorable clients are mostly related with

  •  Digital Photographers
  •  Graphic Designing Company
  •  Website design houses
  •  Advertising Agencies
  •  Catalogue Companies

It is quite costly to employ DTP professionals in Europe or America like you need a huge office rent, equipment and high salary also. So it is also tough to maintain those in western world. Through our clipping path service you can same money, time and extra hassle.  So we can help worldwide companies by providing them with background drop out clipping path service which is also reasonable for you and your company.  Keep the best prices available with matching outstanding service is our aim. We have sufficient designer to finish your project in time. The clipping path India has also clipping path specialist to remove background and multiple clipping paths for color correction. We always finished your project manually like Photoshop Pen Tool and not automated tools like Quick selection tool or Magic Wand.

Security premises

Security is the major fact in this sector and your images are 100% safe with The Clipping path India. We always use our own server to share your images. So it is impossible to sell or share your images with any one and that is guaranteed.  So your images are always secure to us. You are the only owner of your pictures.

Why we use clipping path to remove background?

There are several reasons why the clipping path is favored nowadays in the graphic design industries to remove the background from an image like

Quality is the first factor of it. There are no other options that can achieve better or the same quality as a clipping path drawn by a pen tool on Adobe Photoshop.

When the file can be placed directly into a layout using InDesign then clipping path should be applied to almost kind of file format including JPG.  For example, this way your file size can be reduced also.

You can easily deal with clipping path super fast while maintaining top quality result, if you are gaining sufficient work experience using the pen tool. Clipping path can be edited at any time simply by using the same tool and flat quality can also be applied for the kind of image that has soft edge.  We always provide .PSD file also and if you need to overlap those then we can also over lap your image file.

About Photoshop clipping path

Your path can be drawn using different software like

  •     Photoshop
  •     Illustrator
  •     InDesign
  •     Corel Draw
  •     Instant Photo Sketch
  •     Clipping Path Studio

But to professionally remove the background of image, path is the system used in the photo industries. Paths are created using the pen tool in Photoshop or other path creating software. Photoshop is the most suitable way to draw a clipping path to remove a background from image while keeping the highest quality standard possible as it is always done by hand.

Who needs clipping paths and clipping path service?

Individuals and companies are need clipping path services and usually those that are involved with digital photography or like

  •     Professional photographers
  •     Catalogue companies
  •     Advertising agencies
  •     Photographic studios
  •     Magazine companies
  •     Print press
  •     Web development
  •     E-commerce development
  •     Ggraphic design companies among others.

So you can easily take picture of your product and then sent it to us.

How much does it cost to outsource clipping path services with The Clipping Path India?

  •     The cost for clipping path services depends on the
  •     Complexity level of your image
  •     The quantity
  •     & Required turnaround time.

 Our price for clipping path services starts from only $0.40 USD per image. In most cases we charges $1.39 USD for product images like a t-shirts , bag and shoes. So prices are always depending on your nature of jobs.

We provide also quotations within one hour so you don't have to wait for days. We always concern about our client’s valuable time.  Now you can request a quote and get the price within an hour which will provide you a total bill of your project. How much cost will need for finished your project that you also know from your total quotations. So send us your all images to get total quotations.

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Benefits of outsourcing clipping path services we offer.

  1.     Reasonable prices available
  2.     No payment required until the job is finished
  3.     Your images are safe with us. We will delete them from our server after the job is done
  4.     Quick turnaround time
  5.     Your Satisfaction guarantee
  6.     Quotation within an hour
  7.     High volume discount available
  8.     Triple check quality controller
  9.     24/7 online support
  10.     All types of Clipping path services available
  11.     More than 3000 image can produce each day
  12.     Teams work

You don’t have to concern about the price rather than quality. So quality comes first to us. Get your quotation within an hour here and start sorting out all your images.

Clipping Path Tutorial

How to draw path with the help of Photoshop?

Step one:  Open the file you want to use for clipping path in any version Photoshop.

Step two:  From the left side of tool box select the "Pen Tool" (shortcut key: Ctrl or Cmd + "P"). [CTRL for windows and CMD for MAC]. Pen tool is used to draw clipping path

Clipping Path Tutorial

Step Three:
Now Zoom your photo and click on the edge of the element you want to cut out within the image and release the mouse button.
 After a certain distance you can click again on the edge and this time hold and drag your mouse pointer. You have to be a clear idea about pen tool. When you see the outline is exactly on the edge of the image then releases the mouse. Continuously doing that same process until you end up at the point where you started your path. Now you see the starting point, click on it to close the path and you are done with the outside path only.

Clipping Path

Step 4:
So you need to draw path for each of the gaps within your image. Now start to create new path starting point the same way you did before and continuously drawing until you close the loop with the starting point. Try to draw paths for all gaps. Congratulation! You have done drawing paths for your image to remove background.

Clipping Paths

Clipping path service tutorial

How to apply clipping path to image?

Step 5:

So you are done drawing paths all around the portion of the image you want. Then you need to apply clipping path on it in order to get the background removed.
Now go to the path palette, it located under "Window" menu called "Paths". Check the paths you just have created are in "Work Path", double click on it and give it name and this way your path is saved. Congratulation! You are successfully making your images paths. Save the path before using to clipping path

Clipping Path Service

Step 6:
Click on the pop up menu in your path palette, and choose "Clipping Path".
When the clipping path window is open then you can just click "Ok" or put any amount of softness in the flat area. This is required when your image has a soft edge or otherwise leaves it blank.

Apply clipping path

So you are now finished applying clipping path to your image. You get your image without background. You can save it and place this image in In Design. Example, you will see only the section itself and no background remains here.

How to remove the background using path?

1. When you have completed your path then you want to use to remove the background. Now bring the "Paths" and "Layer" palette from the "Window" menu of photoshop.

2.  Now select your path and press and hold the CTRL or CMD key in your keyboard and click on the path in path palette.

3.  Press and hold the CTRL or CMD key in your keyboard + press the "J" into keyboard. On this way you will get a new layer which contains only the object that was inside your path.

4. So take the background layer off and you are finished. Now the main object remains by itself with transparent background.

Clipping Path

Remove background using a path