Enable your photoshop visibility history

Enable your photoshop visibility history:

If you would like to avoid the matter of losing layer visibility settings where as previewing individual layers, you'll be able to tick a setting within the History Panel choices dialogue box that may alter history state for layer visibility.

Now follow this easy steps-

*Go to your Photodhop Window menu & click it. You will find there History.

*Now click on history.


*Now click on History Options.


*Now click on "Make Layer Visiblity Changes Undoable"


Once checked, you'll be able to use Cmd/Ctrl+Alt+Z to step backwards through your history as you usually have, however you’ll realize changes to the visibility of layers is currently enclosed at intervals that history.

This kind of photoshop simple but effective tricks are very useful for clipping path or any clipping path service related works.

Hope you guys enjoyed and find it helpful.