How to make your layer thumbnail

How to make your layer thumbnail:

Before you start clipping path or any clipping path service related work in Photoshop, don't forget to make your layer on thumbnail mode. This tutorial is about how to make your working layer easier by giving it a thumbnail.

We use this thumbnail to know exactly which layer we are working now. Whenever you work in photoshop, you will use lots of layer and it will be very hard to remind that which one you are working. To make it easier if you simply use thumbnail for layer, you can easily pick up your desired layer without hesitation!

If you are a Photoshop beginner or pro that’s going to be very helpful for you.

Here we go-

*Step 01- Open your desired image in your photoshop (CS or CC)

*Step 02- Click on F7 (Shortcut of Layer) or click on window bar and then select Layer menu.

*Step 03- Now double click on layer (it was locked, unlock it), there will be a dialog box; you can rename your layer. Just like I gave it name (R3d) or you can leave it default like layer 0.



*Step 04- Put your courser on that layer and right click your mouse.

Now there will be a dialogue box and you can now simply make a layer preview option for your layer. You can see there lots of option like- no thumbnail, small, medium and large. Just click on your preferred icon.


I clicked on small. You can see the result below-

Hope you guys enjoyed and find it helpful.