Image Masking Service

Image masking is also known as photo masking or photo face masking. So photo face masking or image masking is one of the popular photo editing services. When we are remove the background of images which have hair portions or blurred images that is called Image Making services. The clipping path India can extract, eliminate or detach a path from the rest of the image using photo masking technique. We deliver accurate image masking services in volume. The Clipping path INDIA has a team of graphic designing professional who handle a various typed of image processing services like Photo face masking or photo masking. We can ensure your service in short time.

Quality and pricing is our main features of Image Masking services. Although it’s a tricky job for graphic designers, but The Clipping path India finished those in tricky ways. Experience is really a main fact for image masking services. Graphic designers have to decide that in which method they will solve those sorts of masking. There are many way of masking. Its mainly depend on product nature that how we solve this problem with the help of Photoshop tools. Image Masking services starts from US $3.00.

It does not matter that how much difficult your project, The clipping path India is committed to finished your job at equal price range. We have professional Image masking specialists who are really expert on these sorts of job. Now you can send us TEST JOB to check our quality.

We categorized in two ways of masking. One is layer mask and another one is vector mask. Price is also same for those.


  •     100% handmade Image Masking.
  •     Placed it minimally 2 pixels inside the object of masking.
  •     Following the natural curves of your images.
  •     Delivered it on transparent or white background – As your requirement
  •     Delivered in quality arrangement with a layer mask, if the original format allows it.
  •     Layer or Vector masking.
  •     Short turnaround time.

Masking quality and services are most important to us. Layers are usually used in digital image editing to detach different elements of an image. Image masking service also called as layer masking service. Don’t worry about the complexity of your image, just send us test job for your query.  There is various ways to mask your image, at first we have to check your image that in which way we will solve your image problem. Changing background is first job for image masking. White, Transparent or color background is available as your requirement.

      Why choose The Clipping Path India?

  •     Quick turnaround time
  •     Quality Guarantee
  •     No Contracts or Minimums
  •     Payment only when you are satisfied!

The Clipping Path India

We are always committed our clients to provide quality services of photo editing. We have also high qualified and experienced graphic designers who can manage your job by your direction.

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