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A raster graphic is an image which made of hundreds or thousands or millions of tiny squares of color information and referred to as any pixels or dots. Normally pixels refer to color blocks saw on an electronic monitor and dots refer to the ink dots on a printed portion. Although professional designers often use those two terms interchangeably.

This type of file can be large (in terms of KB or MB wanted to store the file) depending on the picture resolution and compression category. Raster programs contain Adobe Photoshop and GIMP. We can use raster programs in a website, app, icon, banner ad, or any other design intended for electronic use.

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Overview of Vector
A vector graphic uses math which helps to draw shapes using points, lines and curves. Whereas a raster image of a 1” x 1” square at 300 dpi will have 300 individuals’ pieces of information then a vector image will only surround four points, one for each corner. The computer will uses math to “connect the dots” and fill up in all of the missing information.

Vector images normally have a smaller file size than raster images of comparable dimensions. Vector images created in various design programs can be saved as .eps files (encapsulated post script). It saves any font, color, or other information with the paths which make up the image. This program includes Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape and Coreldraw.

We must use a vector program in a logo, and we suggest that use this vector programs for any other print drawing contest as well.

Benefit to use Vector:

For large image like picture or poster in a medium resolution, most of the time bitmap image format not fit into a CD-ROM. In that situation the vector file only fills up with a few kilobytes spaces. As a vector picture stands for separate and different objects, it could be possible to re-editing at any time. If you need to develop a bitmap picture then only size can just expand.

So that the image gets rough as you develop them. When you are trying to extend a vector image, processing only re-adjusts those points. Adjusting those vector equation steady also a part of it. So that the object remains smooth however you want to enlarge them.

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